What can you do with bSmart Classroom?

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Communicate with all the students
of your course or just with some of them

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Create assignments by attaching
interactive resources and exercises

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Assess the assignments and analyse
the progress of your students

bSmart Classroom makes your life easier

Tools designed for an engaging and active teaching approach

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For students

Studying together
to study better

Do your exersices, control the projects from a computer or tablet and communicate with all your classmates using the wall.
Monitor the progress of your results. Any doubt? You can directly contact your teacher to ask for explanations.
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For teachers

A simple answer to your needs

bSmart Classroom allows you to focus on the goals and the teaching process. There isn’t a single approach that suits everybody: each teacher can choose the strategy enabling him/her to work with students in the best way possible in a specific context
For everybody

The lesson continues also outside the classroom

By sharing personal resources or content from the books, students and teachers interact within a single place enriching the experience of the course.
For this reason we’ve created a simple and intuitive environment that meets the needs of its everyday users.
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Why choose bSmart Classroom?

Easy to use
You don’t need to have specific skills or technical preparation to use bSmart Classroom. It’s a tool suitable for everybody.
Integrated personal resources
All the teachers’ resources are immediately available in Classroom.
Immediate sharing
Share resources with all your students has never been so easy! With a click teachers can make their own content accessible to everybody.
Safe and protected
Only the users who have been invited to participate can access the class, and interactions are allowed only among teachers and their students.
Immediate monitoring of results
The results of the assignments are showed through intuitive charts. In this way teachers are aware of the progress of both the whole class and single students.
Studying with your own books
bSmart Classroom is the only platform allowing to use the digital versions of your textbooks directly within the course.

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